Beginner/Improver - 4 Day


This four day extended beginner/improvers’ course will be based around the mortice and tenon joint and will include additional instruction and a more challenging experience over the two day course. It would suite those wishing to create a simple but nonetheless more involved item of furniture than they may have previously undertaken. It would also be appropriate for an enthusiastic beginner with a basic understanding in woodworking.

There is quite a lot to get through on this course, so after covering the details of sharpening we will move swiftly on to joint the timber for the top. Day two is learning to mark out and cut the mortice and tenons for the legs and rails whilst learning about some of the variations of the mortice and tenon joint. There will be shaping of the rails and more jointing on day three together with sanding/cleaning up. Finally, we seal and wax the separate components before assembling the table as a whole.

Duration: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm (each day)

Project: Small Table

Timber: English Oak

Course Content: The following elements will be included on this course together with other information and tips along the way.



  • how to work safely

  • sharpening of tools to work at their best and maintain them in good condition

  • use of a panel, tenon, and coping saw

  • use of a jack, smoothing, block and shoulder plane

  • use of chisels and mallet

  • sash cramps



  • common species in general use

  • understanding the structure of wood

  • the selection of timber and identifying defects

  • properties of different timbers and the suitability for specific purpose

  • how to deal with difficult grain



  • setting out a job 1:1

  • making a cutting list

  • selecting & sorting timber

  • the use of marking out tools

  • planing flat & square

  • chopping a mortice & cutting tenons

  • cross halving joint

  • paring shoulders

  • gluing & assembly

  • sanding/cleaning up

  • finishing

  • an overview of woodworking joints


Price includes a non-refundable cancellation fee of £145.50. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 cannot be accepted onto this course. Please see the full Standard Terms & Conditions

Day/date combinations: For those not able to commit to 4 consecutive days there are options to book this course on either 2 x 2 day sessions, a week apart or a Sunday booking over 4 weeks. See Dates Summary for details.

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