Weekend Course

It’s been a busy extended weekend at Dovetail, with Adam engaged in making the small English Oak table.

After taking a little time to look at various woodworking tools and the process of sharpening, we began with planing straight and square (jointing) the three pieces that make up the top, before drilling for the dowels and finally gluing and cramping together with sash cramps.


Then it was on to the legs and rails. Having marked out all the components, we covered the various methods of ‘chopping’ a mortice, including by hand with a chisel and mallet; but then we moved over to the ‘morticer’ to let machinery take the strain and speed things up.


After a discussion on the various types of timber, it’s physical make up and the way to work with it, we moved onto shaping the rails by hand with a coping saw and spokeshave, before cutting a halving joint where the rails cross over in the middle.


Following careful sanding and cleaning up of all the separate legs and rails it was time for assembly. Making sure to wipe off any surplus glue.


And finally; sealing, waxing, buffing and fixing the top, it’s complete. One beautifully finished side table made with English Oak grown just across the road on the Norbury Park Estate.


Work bench

A very generous review from last week's student who came to Dovetail on a special workbench making course.

"I have just spent two days with Steve making my very own work bench, what a great experience it was too. Steve is one of the nicest people you could meet, his knowledge and skill is second to none but more than that he wants to share that skill and knowledge with you.
I am proud of what I achieved, Under Steve’s excellent supervision and clear instructions I used tools and machinery I had never seen before let alone put my hands on, this gave me so much confidence and Steve’s calm, quiet instructions made me feel ten feet or 3.048m tall! (I don’t do metric) but this wasn’t a problem for Steve, he was happy to help me with this.
I would say to anyone, if you are reading this then you probably have an interest or a dream to make something in wood that is your very own work. Grasp this opportunity to work with Steve of Dovetail Woodworking now, you won’t regret it."

If you might also be interested in making your own woodworking bench, please get in touch at steve@dovetailwoodworking.co.uk to discuss and make arrangements.

Val & bench.jpg

Craft Day/Workshop

Come along on Saturday 21st September and ‘Do Nothing’; or rather come and make a ‘Do Nothing Machine’

Dovetail Woodworking is running a workshop to make two of these intriguing hand-held devices. Workshop fee £75 per person.

I’m sure you know someone who loves doing nothing who it would be perfect for!

Click through here to the workshop page.